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Building the Inside F5J glider

Last update: 18.03.2017

Started to build 2 Inside wooden F5J gliders for me and my wife in November 2016. you may get this model and all accessories from a german shop Der himmlische Hoellein

Hersteller / Importeur
Grüner-CNC (Höllein) / MADE IN GERMANY
Highest-Quality Holzbausatz, lasergeschnitten
Spannweite ca. [mm]
Länge ca. [mm]
AG 35 mod.
Tragflächeninhalt ca. [dm²]
Fluggewicht ca. [g]
Flächenbelastung [g/dm²]
Seite, Höhe, Quer, Flap, Endleisten-Landeklappen, Motorregelung

Inside image missing

As the model construction is straight forward, I shall not make a detailed description, but see these Links for more information:

Shop product link    Manual

Construction video in time lapse     Building wing  

Flight videos on youtube



  • Jeti R10/R9 receiver
  • Hacker A20-22L 
  • Hacker/Jeti ESC 40A
  • Servos DES 428 BB
  • Battery 3 cells 1250mAh

art314 01

art314 02

March 2017. 2 models finished and ready to maiden

Some building remarks:

  • Building is straight forward as all pieces are well prepared and plan is highly detailed. You need some experience in building wooden models and applying the transparent Oracover film.
  • Before gluing the angled wing holders, I introduced the holder on the 2 wing halfs, adjusted all pieces and then drilled a 0.8 hole through the outer wing rip, carbon tube and holder. so you can fix the holder with a needle in the tube when gluing the holder inside.
  • On a fair I saw an alternative for the middle front wing holder F82, the piece where the wing is fixed in the fuselage.Instead of the holder, he glued the MPX plug used to connect the wing servos in front of the wing; the other connector was glued in the former. So by fixing the wing you automatically connect the electric of the wing and you gain some place in the fuselage.


I prepared 5 flight phases for the Inside F5J:

  1. Standard phase, all rudders on neutral position
  2. Thermal phase, flaps, all ailerons slightly down
  3. Speed phase, flaps, all ailerons slightly up (whatever speed means for such a plane!)
  4. Distance phase, to try
  5. Landing phase, Butterfly position, rate on gas controller

Motor is enabled in all phases, except the landing phase where the gas controller is used to change the rate(0-100%) of butterfly position.

 Maidened the 2 Inside on a quite windy day on 30.03.2017 with everything ok

Some photos and flight status will follow