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New T50 Kolibri micro turbine


New Jetcat P220-RXi, some options for standard RXi and new pro line with different enhancements.

P220 RXiP220-RXi with internal brushless pump and contactless cuppled brusless starter motor that is used as a generator during run time to charge the planes turbine battery.

Maximum thrust is 220N at 117000 r/min, weight 1850g


For existing RXi turbines you may now get the brushless pump.


An additional Pro serie is produced with industry standard control interfaces (0-5V, PWM, RS232, RS485, CAN-Bus), brushless starter/generator.......




PBS Velka Bites small model aircraft turbine


TJ 20A 210N engine with integrated pump, valves and electronics at a weight from 2100g. It consists of a single-stage radial compressor, radial and axial diffuser, annular combustion chamber, and single-stage axial turbine. 






Atom 25Jet Italia ATOM 25

Dati Tecnici

  • Diametro 117mm
  • Lunghezza 300mm
  • Peso 1690g /3.75Lb
  • Spinta Munima >Idle 35000 rpm >8N
  • Spinta Max Continua > Flight 115000 > 250N=25Kg
  • Consumo Medio 760ml/min
  • Tmax 660 °C
  • continua 115000 rpm 650°C